All her pretty little dresses.

So Emerie is our daughter. She is the most beautiful, fun, smart, caring, and silly little girl I’ve ever seen. She turned 3 in February, and it has been such an enjoyable journey watching her personality grow and develop each year. She loves to read (as you’ll see in a few of the photos below, she’s even sniffing a book in one) and has the best imagination. I’m sure her love of books has influenced her mind and given her such a creative outlook on life. She lights up any room she’s in. She’s expressive and very independent. When I say she’s smart, I’m not exaggerating, she’s seriously smart. She has taught me more than I ever thought was possible. She absorbs knowledge like a sponge. She loves God, and it shows on her face. Emerie has a very strong will, which I firmly believe will make her a leader one day. I say strong willed, but I like to think of it as passionate. She shows so much passion in every single thing she does. Whether she is praying, reading a book, urging her brother to play how she thinks he should play, or singing a song, she puts her ALL into it. She doesn’t hold back on her emotions, not even a bit. I love that about her. She also loves attention, therefore when I told her I wanted to devote an entire photo shoot just to her, she was thrilled. I was going through her closet and realized she has SO many pretty Summer dresses that she hasn’t worn too much, so I decided to take that as an opportunity to take some cute photos.  She has been asking a lot about her Great Grandma Violet who passed away before she was born, so I decided to incorporate a necklace of Violet’s that I was given that I have passed down to Emerie, as well as a photo of her and Marvin (Emerie’s Great Grandpa who also passed away before she was born). Lovey, our cat, decided to jump in for a few shots as well. As you will see, Emerie adores animals. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Well, that’s my Emerie! I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse of such a special little girl. Expect many more photos of her (as well as her brother) in the future. God bless!

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