Roman’s Newborn Session

So there are now 4 Vesco kiddos! Roman Parker joined the clan a little over a week ago. These kids are full of personality, and are so fun! Roman is just the snuggliest, sweetest little guy. I’m not kidding when I say it is hard to not put the camera down and just cuddle and sniff him. I’m a sucker for babies, especially newborn babies. It’s also super evident that they are really close, not only as siblings, but friends. It was so sweet to see how much they love their baby brother already. I’ll just let you take a gander for yourself, they are pretty adorable.


Martinez Family Maternity

This Mama sure has her hands full. She has 6 kiddos and one on the way! As full as her hands and schedule are, her heart is the most full, I’m sure. So when I first imagined photographing a family with 6 kids, 3 of whom are pretty little, I was very nervous that I would have a difficult time getting them all to cooperate. I was in for a super big surprise with this bunch. This photo session went smoother than 99% of any other sessions I’ve encountered thus far!! The kids were extremely well behaved, and they were all very photogenic. It was a typical humid (VERY humid), summery July day, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at these pictures. I’m in awe of this beautiful family, and how close they all are. It was a privilege to be able to capture some sweet, silly, and fun memories for them to cherish forever. Enjoy!

Sweet little Madilynn

I had the pleasure of capturing some super sweet moments of this darling little doll baby! Madi graced the world with her presence quite early, so she is a little miracle. She has the most adorable little dimples, and the sweetest eyes. I was, and still am in complete awe of her. To be honest, it was kind of hard to not just stop photographing and scoop her up and just cuddle her the whole time. She’s just THAT cute and snuggly, I’m serious. If you can’t tell in the following photos, Madilynn is seriously loved. Her big brother is also just the cutest! The way he just looks at her melts my heart! See for yourself.

All her pretty little dresses.

So Emerie is our daughter. She is the most beautiful, fun, smart, caring, and silly little girl I’ve ever seen. She turned 3 in February, and it has been such an enjoyable journey watching her personality grow and develop each year. She loves to read (as you’ll see in a few of the photos below, she’s even sniffing a book in one) and has the best imagination. I’m sure her love of books has influenced her mind and given her such a creative outlook on life. She lights up any room she’s in. She’s expressive and very independent. When I say she’s smart, I’m not exaggerating, she’s seriously smart. She has taught me more than I ever thought was possible. She absorbs knowledge like a sponge. She loves God, and it shows on her face. Emerie has a very strong will, which I firmly believe will make her a leader one day. I say strong willed, but I like to think of it as passionate. She shows so much passion in every single thing she does. Whether she is praying, reading a book, urging her brother to play how she thinks he should play, or singing a song, she puts her ALL into it. She doesn’t hold back on her emotions, not even a bit. I love that about her. She also loves attention, therefore when I told her I wanted to devote an entire photo shoot just to her, she was thrilled. I was going through her closet and realized she has SO many pretty Summer dresses that she hasn’t worn too much, so I decided to take that as an opportunity to take some cute photos.  She has been asking a lot about her Great Grandma Violet who passed away before she was born, so I decided to incorporate a necklace of Violet’s that I was given that I have passed down to Emerie, as well as a photo of her and Marvin (Emerie’s Great Grandpa who also passed away before she was born). Lovey, our cat, decided to jump in for a few shots as well. As you will see, Emerie adores animals. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Well, that’s my Emerie! I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse of such a special little girl. Expect many more photos of her (as well as her brother) in the future. God bless!

Sanchez Wedding Portraits

It’s Sunday. Oliver is napping, and Emerie is playing in her room. Jared and I are watching Lord Of The Rings. It’s so peaceful, so I decided to go ahead and share these gems with you to brighten your day. The Sanchez’s were such an adorably, fun couple to photograph. They were so sweet, and their love for one another was very evident. It was a scorching hot day in July, but they toughed it out and the pictures couldn’t have turned out any better. See for yourself.

Our “Why”



Hello, Jessica here. I just want to take a few minutes to introduce you to Gilliam’s Photography, and give you a little taste of our story, and how we got to this place of pursuing photography. I have had a passion for the art of photography since I was in 5th grade. I remember always asking my Mom to buy me disposable cameras. I would take pictures of anything, and everything under the sun. I filled up those cameras so quickly. At one point I had over 20 to develop!  I think it was Freshman year in high school when my parents got me my first digital camera (for Christmas), anyway, I was so excited! I always had my camera, taking pictures wherever I went. I’ve known for a long time that photography is what I want to spend my life doing. Jared picked up photography when he and I started dating (I was 15 and he was 16). Like me, he had a knack and an obsession for capturing the most beautiful of moments. We went on so many adventures, taking pictures and enjoying life together. We got married in 2012, and have since talked about how it’s our dream to own our own photography studio one day, and for us both do photography full-time. We finally decided to just take a step out in faith and begin chasing our dreams, so that’s what we are doing! We are thrilled to see where this journey leads us. God has blessed us with a gift that we want to share with others. Along on this journey with us is our two favorite canvases, Emerie Rose who’s three and Oliver Allen who will be 1 in May. Life is too short to not spend it doing what you love with the people you love. I hope you’ll follow us on our quest, it’s only just beginning. -Jessica Gilliam